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Military Research Paper

What Impact Will the Department of Defense's Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Policy Have on Military Personnel and Their Families
Who support political factions that support the ‘family values’ platform, the new policies and philosophies that will be included in the sociology of military life will have some form of impact on families within the military. The paper will be structured with a history of the military philosophies on homosexuality and the consequences of those philosophies. 
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Arab-Israel Conflict: American Investment in People
Private Western concerns, and the economic, scientific, and technical assistance they provide to the region too are not particularly well-equipped to stimulate the process of liberalization and democratization. “Given their primarily profit-making concerns and preoccupations, Western companies and corporations are even less equipped than their government agencies to stimulate such reforms.”3 A documentary called “Encounter point” that was put together and produced by a team of
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Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
The assault vehicles are transported in ships and can be launched beyond the visual horizon. The visual horizon is the visible limit to detect presence of ships at sea from the shore line. This distance is translated as 25 kilometers as per the planning and development of the program. The assault vehicle can be deployed by the ships and swim 25 kilometers at a speed of 25 to 30 knots. The vehicle has the capacity to carry a rifle squad of 17 Marines along with three crew members. The
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Operational Leadership
Perseverance: Perseverance is the will to pursue an action irrespective of the pressure telling him to go against it. Operational leadership is an inherently training role, and will, by its very nature, include significant instances of the appearance of failure – only an operational commander with perseverance will be able to get through this fact.
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HUMINT Intellegence Effectivness during the War on Terror
Future wars will undoubtedly be protracted conventional wars that develop into insurgency style warfare, as the US’ current adversaries are eastern societies that have historically relied on “indirectness, deception, attrition, and protraction” (O’Hern 2008, 259). Thus, there is a need to improve HUMINT within this capacity in the future. 
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The Contract Type Selection Process When Choosing Between a Fixed Price and a Cost Reimbursement Contract
This paper illustrates that when selecting a contract vehicle, the CS responsibilities for administration will differ when using either a fixed price contract or cost reimbursement contract. The CS shall use the contract type that is conducive to the requirement. When comparing the two contract types side by side, it is easy to see that a cost reimbursement is arduous in relation to a fixed price contract.
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The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Furthermore, the Arab-Israeli conflict was caused by the impact of the British foreign policy and UN’s policy regarding the Middle East.For instance, at the end of World War 1, both Jews and Arabs were convinced Palestine belonged to them promised by the British.
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