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Engineering and Construction Lab Report

Analysis of Second Order Crossover Loudspeaker
The signals that are in form of audio signals pass through the speaker cable to the speaker body. While passing through the cable to the device, the signals also go through each driver that is part of the system. It passes through the capacitor to flow to the tweeter.
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LAB # 5
Asphalt mix in most cases have many volumetric properties which are constituent of few properties in the volume like voids in the aggregate of the mineral, void in asphalt, void in the total mix. The crucial void in air is directly related to the density (Marker, 284). The results showed the air void to range from 2.618 to 8.631 and the average is 4. The average gives a perfect figure for the mixtures that are dense-graded. This void has a density value limit of 95.387% and from the calculation
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Prestressed Concrete Beam Test
Prestress losses expression as s result of creep is known to be a concrete stress function at the prestressing steel centroid at the transfer, cup, as well as the concrete stress change at the prestressing steel centroid as a result of all permanent loads apart from the transfer, fcgp, hence it is represented as below.
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The process of consolidation
Another load was placed on the sample and the aforementioned process repeated. The load was reduced bit by bit after a significant application. A load increment ratio of 0.5 was used to establish an appropriate framework for the description of a relationship between effective stress and void ratio.
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Falling Head Permeability Test
Hence, permeability is a characteristic of a porous material that allows the passage of fluids through its continuous voids. The principle behind the permeability test is the Darcy’s Law, which states that the rate of discharge is directly proportional to the hydraulic gradient and the cross-sectional area that is perpendicular to the direction of flow.
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Theory of the experiment
This is achieved by having both transistors biased to have them conduct a signal close to zero.3 shows a class AB amplifier and its associated input and output waveforms.When small signals are applied, both transistors will be active, making the amplifier to function like a Class A amplifier. When a large signal is applied, only one transistor becomes active. This makes the amplifier to operate like a Class B amplifier. Class AB speaker amplifiers gives a high SNR and a low THD+N. they are also
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Shear Strength Tests
The screws were joining the top and the bottom half of the box was removed, and all the dials were set to zero to ensure they fully engage and the coefficients value for each division was recorded. The horizontal and corresponding vertical gauges had coefficients of 0.The Shear Rig was switched to ensure the travel rate is set to 0.5mm/minute and set to run and the timer was started. All the dial gauge readings were recorded at the start time and the intervals of 1 minute. The readings were
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Strain Gauge
From the data, it can be observed that strain values in reading-1 are lower than the values in reading-2. The reason why initial strain readings were low is that the structure had an initial ‘slackness’ due to which the resulting strains were lower. However, once the structure was deformed, the subsequent deformation values were higher. The higher strain values are also due to the fact that the beam was not given enough time to come back to its original position and therefore, reading-2 was
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Managing projects in engineering and construction
In any experimental project, there are potential challenges likely to occur. In my case, I planned for some difficulties liable to affect my experiment. For instance, I was ready to experience limited availability of lecturers and supervisors. 
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Jominy Hardenability test
When the thickness of the part has increased the rate of cooling would be slowed at the center. This means that for a certain thickness one should pick a steel which could be hardened at the center whenever that is required. The rate of cooling should, therefore, be kept constant.
Pages: 9 (1750 words), Lab Report
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