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Types and Characteristics of Joints
Types and Characteristics of Joints Types and Characteristics of Joints Question A joint can be defined as the site where two or more bones convene. Joints perform two main functions which include securing the bones mutually and allowing the inflexible skeleton to move freely. There are numerous structural and functional differences which are used to differentiate between synovial, fibrous and cartilaginous joints. The fibrous joints are joined by the fibrous tissue. On the other hand, the
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The hardness of different materials by Rockwell scale
 The addition of aluminium on brass makes it increase its hardness hence become resistant to corrosion. Aluminium establishes a hard layer (aluminium oxide) that is self-healing, transparent, thin and beneficial on the surface of brass. Steel is an alloy that is obtained from the combination of iron and other elements like carbon.
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Per3 Gene and Diurnal Preference
The high base solution will rupture the cell membrane and create pores in the membrane. Then 100µl of 0.1M HCl and 100µl of 1M Tris – HCl was added at a pH of 7. The cell organelles are present in the solution and they are separated from the solution by centrifugation. The crude cell lysate will contain the DNA.
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The process of consolidation
Another load was placed on the sample and the aforementioned process repeated. The load was reduced bit by bit after a significant application. A load increment ratio of 0.5 was used to establish an appropriate framework for the description of a relationship between effective stress and void ratio.
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Falling Head Permeability Test
Hence, permeability is a characteristic of a porous material that allows the passage of fluids through its continuous voids. The principle behind the permeability test is the Darcy’s Law, which states that the rate of discharge is directly proportional to the hydraulic gradient and the cross-sectional area that is perpendicular to the direction of flow.
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Lactase Enzyme Activity
Based on my knowledge of the effects of temperature and pH on the enzymatic activity of lactase, if the lactase used in today’s lab was extracted from human cells, I hypothesize that lactase enzyme activity will be optimal at temperature and pH of 400C and 8 respectively.
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Alcoholic Fermentation
Beer preparation by fermentation involves picking rye, wheat or barley followed by germinating, drying and pulping it into a mash. The mash is mixed together with hot water and transferred to a fermentation vessel to commence the process of fermentation. Yeast is added to the mixture that converts the sugar present in the ash to carbon dioxide and alcohol. 
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