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Water Resource Challenges Essay Example

Water Resource Challenges

Water Resource Challenges Provide at least three freshwater and three ocean water resourcechallenges by filling in the following table. Then, respond to the question that follows:
Freshwater Resource Challenge
Human activities
Bathing, washing inside the fresh water bodies.
Sewage deluge
Human and animal wastes from bust pipes mixing with fresh water.
Farming fertilizers in farms near rivers and lakes.
Ocean Water Resource Challenge
During floods or tornadoes.
Oil Spills
Oil tankers and ship spillage.
Waste from industries.
In 200 to 300 words, respond to the following: Choose one fresh or ocean water resource challenge and describe in detail why the issue has become a problem and how human activities have contributed to the problem.
Sewage deluge
Sewage is comprised of both human and animal wastes. According to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), around 90% of sewage is released into fresh water bodies in the developing countries (United Nations Environment Programme 70). This pollutes the fresh water supply areas and hence renders the water unsafe for human consumption. This is a very high percentage and is deemed a health hazard.
The developing countries have water supply problems and majority of them especially those in the rural areas and slums depend on the rivers and other fresh water supply resources to curb the shortage. Pollution of that water by sewage renders the water unsafe and hence they have to walk hundreds of miles in search for another fresh water source. This problem burdens women whose reproductive roles including looking for water to complete her chores.
The other problem resulting from the sewage is the exposure of those residents to water-borne diseases like dysentery, diarrhea among others. The problems strain not only the family in terms of having to constantly seek medical care but also the government in having to provide the medicine and treatment to those individuals

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