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Social Process Theories - Project Essay Example

Social Process Theories - Project

Social Process Theories: Social disorganization theory: Social disorganization theorists have pointed out myriad factors that weaken the strength of the society to control the pandemonium and exercise effective control on the ignorant youth and reduce the rate of delinquency. Societies that face aggressive socio-economic problems, unemployment, domestic violence, and poor education facilities are fraught with risks of crime prevalence. These are such factors that do not let the senior people influence the defiant youth and socialize them, so that they can enhance their empathic sense and self-control.
Strain theory:
This sociological theory explains how people who have absolutely no sense of customs, rules, traditions, and norms can affect a society. The theory suggests that a state of antipathy and antagonism erupts when people refuse following the set standards of ethics. Theorists claim that such hostile and selfish behavior displayed by almost every resident of a community can drastically affect that society, since the structure and make up of a society depends upon the way people decide to behave.
Cultural deviance theory:
This theory suggests that poor and economically-deprived societies have low class culture and traditions, and they have got a distinct style of comprehending things. It predicts that sometimes, when people start acting in accordance with those rules and approaches that are common in low class communities, free transmission of crime may occur. Actually, such people have extremely low access to financial resources, and that state is aggravated by unemployment. This theory identifies class difference to be the main cause of crime prevalence.
Differential association theory:
This theory aims at explaining the reasons why an individual chooses a way that defies the accepted standards of the society. This theory reflects the approach of perceiving the atrocities committed by a criminal as his/her learned behaviors. It lays stress on the root causes of delinquent

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