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Marijuana: The Legalization Tussle Essay Example

Marijuana: The Legalization Tussle

Marijuana: The legalization Tussle Details: al Affiliation: Marijuana: The legalization Tussle
Smelled openly in the suburban neighborhoods across the entire United States, the controversial legal status of marijuana is no doubt in limbo. Though labeled illicit, debate over the controversial “killer weed” has taken the protracted battle right into the ballot box for moral reasons; its criminalization has largely been counterproductive. Marijuana, as a matter of practical essence, should be legalized.
The pursuit of unhindered happiness is a fundamental right enshrined in the supreme document. Though mildly addictive, the abuse of marijuana like other known hard drugs has known consequential effects that include but not limited to short term impairment of memory, verbal skills, and judgment. Presumptively, its legalization actually inaugurates a “simple gateway experiment” towards a more adventurous use of harder stuffs, which for sure are the very incentives for more complex medical problems as well as the dealers’ drug busts into negative teen behaviors (NIDA, 2011). In contrast, advocates have made a strong case arguing that marijuana’s approval would disable the traffickers’ networks that often incorporate the hard drugs and subsequently ease-off budgetary implications tied to the many arrests by the law enforcement (Soros, 2010). More importantly, given that the drug herein is less harmful than the legalized tobacco and alcohol, the current legal status of cannabis amounts to intrusion on personal freedom to happiness (Blumenson & Nilsen, 2009).
Clearly, the many arrests add unnecessary pressure on the public purse. As an interim measure before the actual legalization, court summons and subsequent warnings would serve better than arrests to those in possession of small quantities of the drug. As it is currently, drug-arrests are the engine driving the sanity battle. The notoriety of conviction on the same virtually makes it impossible for such inmates to vote, continue contributing

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