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Inequality of bargaining power in the music industry
Atiyah argues, even during the zenith of the will theory of contract, equality in bargaining power of the parties entering into a contract was nothing more than an elaborate fiction.9 Vertrone also points out how the proliferation of sites such as Napster and Kazaa which promote illegal downloading of music without payment of consideration only results in a further ripping-off of artists10. However, the mere existence of an inequality cannot be a basis to vitiate contracts, rather a contract
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Immigration Law, the British Nationality Acts
A definite period of residence or service for the Crown abroad, good character, considerable proficiency in English, and an intention to reside in the UK (Naturalization, 2003 ).The British Nationality Act 1981 restricts the acquisition of the status of a British subject to persons on whom the British Nationality Act 1948 bestows this status. 
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International and Non International Armed Conflict
The Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Convention of 1949 which opened for signature on June 8, 1977, and entered into force on December 7, 1978, is about protection of victims of international armed conflicts and the Additional Protocol II, which opened for signature and entered into force on the same previously mentioned dates.
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Identity Theft
While simply trying to save some money on benefits, the people involved did not think much about security when posting this: Three Metro employees have been disciplined after the Social Security numbers of nearly 4,700 current and former employees were mistakenly posted on the transit agency's Web site last month, officials said yesterday.
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Interconnectedness between the two bodies of law
The cases above illustrated the similarities between torts and contracts in the area of damages.  In torts, the negligent defendant is liable for the damages which are foreseeable. This doctrine ensures that defendants are only liable for the damages that can fairly be attributed to him.
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Introduction to Criminal Law and Legal studies
Different judicial and legislative decrees of the European Union (EU) have indirect or immediate legal influence in the UK. The lawmaking bodies in the UK cannot be in breach of the European Community Law (Fletcher, 2000, p.3) The Law Commission is the constitutional self-governing agency formed to continuously carry out the evaluation of the law and to suggest change where it is required. The objective of the Commission is to guarantee that the law is straightforward, up to date, and just
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Is There an Importance for the United Kingdom in Introducing a Written Constitution
A constitution may come in two forms - the written and unwritten constitution. When these set of laws are put in writing and bound in a single document it is then called a written constitution, otherwise it is referred to as an unwritten constitution. Presently, most countries have formulated and are functioning and enforcing their laws through a written constitution.
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International Commercial Arbitration
According to Clarkson and Hill unchallenged orders are admissible in legal proceedings. In the same way, unopposed freezing injunctions are enforceable in both arbitration and litigation where such injunctions had been effectively ratified in the ordinary course of business as applied in the case of Mobile Telesystems Finance SA v Nomihold Securities Inc.
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Insurance Law in Europe
Appraise is an evaluation of a situation. The evaluation must be base on critical thinking, research, and other supportive information. In reference to the case, in this law article, it is evident that European Court of Justice has been perpetuating practices with unfair basis.
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Impact of CILFIT and Da Costa Doctrines on the Relationship between the Court of Justice and the National Courts of the EU
The powers conferred to the national judiciary further been stretched by the indirect effect of Community law2.So many things can be instrumentals in terms of legal concepts, reviews, and remedies in relation to Community rights that strengthen the judicial accountability of incumbents at public institutions
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Introduction to Business Law
Under the Street Offenses Act of 1959, it is illegal to attract clients with the intention of offering sex services on the streets. The defendants pleaded that they had not attracted clients on the streets but were within their own homes. However, the judge found them guilty since the prostitutes had mischief on their mind and were in fact taking clients from the streets (Mitchell and Dadhania, 2003).The literal Rule as the name suggests allows the judge to give out a ruling by taking into
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International Law as a Substantive Law
This comes in form of the prevention of the Third World war. Since the horrific event of Hiroshima, Nagasaki the world has been protected from the outbreak of any nuclear war. This can be attributed to the entity of United Nations and the work of International law.
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Improving Employee Motivation
Diversity at workplaces requires effective management in order to steer the productivity in any organization. Diversity presents numerous ways of solving problems in workplaces. However, diversity also pools numerous undesirable traits some of which may amount to animosity.
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International Law: States and Recognition
This is irrespective of the geographical size, though it has to be significant enough to have social, economic, and political power (Aust 2005, p. These two are the primary characteristics of a state, and basis upon which a state is built. However, a complete state must have a fully functioning government such that it is the central authority for the state. The government acts as a central body that oversees the proper and efficient implementation of the various regulations for the state
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