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The Inca Empire Essay Example

The Inca Empire

Inca Inca is an ancient civilization on the earth thousands of years ago. Archaeologist’s historic record reveals that no one really knows where theIncas came from. The Inca Empire was quite short-lived. Inca means emperor. He was not just a ruler, but also a direct descendant of the sun god. They were warriors, almost constantly at war with their neighboring tribes or barrios.
The practice of split inheritance among Inca is a cultural rule. In this practice the ruler king chose his successor that obtained all the political rights and powers. The other descendants received all the financial treasures. The ruler made extreme effort to secure his land, his place of immortality. The ruler had a supreme control over the empire. No one could become the next Inca except the son of the current emperor. Among the sons who proved to be the most eminent was selected. He has to be best in strength and endurance. Before the emperor died, he and his council help him in selecting the son who could replace him.
The Inca were an extremely religious people. They feared the evil and believe in rebirth. In the Andean mythology it was considered that The Incas worshipped the Earth goddess Pachamama and the sun god, the Inti. They worship their gods every year with a splendid celebration. Their practice of refraining from food and sex start some days before the ceremony. Some historians believed that this ceremony was started at sunrise. The Inca king took two ceremonial goblets and drank a sip from one and other was offered to the sun. Then the highest priest performed the animal sacrifice in which he took out the throbbing heart of the animal to predict the future. Later they burnt the animal completely.
The Incas had a highly sophisticated government, but the effects of split inheritance were felt throughout the empire. The emperor ruled there and underneath him was very talented leaders. According to the law of split inheritance, the government had to plan a program to build a

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