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Humanitarian Essay

The Techniques In Active Reading
Finally, the case is written.When we talk about case studies, we can see that case study text is of prior importance in case study writing. The text is a collection of written words. Remember, a single word sounds nothing until or unless it becomes the part of a text. Text lies within a situation that offers it a unique meaning.
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Statutory Interpretation
 Statutory interpretation is the act or process of interpreting and applying legislation. It is the principles developed by courts for interpreting statutes. ON the other hand, it can also be referred to as statutory construction. Sometimes the words of a statute contain have a plain and direct meaning. 
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Email Pragmatics
The exchange of messages between people has been a common practice for ages. When it comes to the use of written exchanges of messages, emails are fast replacing the use of letter writing, both in the business world and other informal contexts. This has created the concept of email communication. 
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Creating Successful Ads
Institutional advertisements have been thought to be the best way by which their consumers can learn about any health effects that concern their choices on the foods they buy and other choices. According to the article posted by Barker (2001), companies have been inserting promotional advertisements on the products they sell.
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Humanitarianism and Security
In many people’s views, humanitarianism is nothing more or less a revolution in the ethics of care (Stewart et al p. For a fact, this revolution, like many revolutions, was developed through a collaboration of transcendental visions, power, politics and it has generated a group of successes and excesses. 
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Lenition and its Accompanying Constraints
Two other scholars, Ashby and Maidment (2005), seem to support Odden’s view of lenition. According to Ashby and Maidment, lenition is “also called weakening” (2005: 141). They go ahead to plot consonants on the scales of strength: a consonant is stronger the more it differs from a vowel, but becomes weaker when it begins to resemble a vowel. The idea of grading consonants on a scale of strength also features prominently in Trask’s Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics.
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Social Factors in Language Learning
People should abandon this prejudice and treat everyone equally.The next type of language variation is based on social factors. It helps speakers understand “what” or “who you are” in the English speaking society (Crystal, 1995b). Depending on people’s social identities, they use different types of language. 
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Assessment Of Students' Achievement And Standardized Score
In the article that is titled Classroom Assessment Practices, Teacher Judgments and Student Achievement in Mathematics: Evidence from the ECLS Martínez, Stecher, and Borko explore many different issues, one of which is the correlation between teacher’s assessment of students achievement versus standardized score.
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How To Conquer the Audience: A Writers Problem
It is often reported by the writers of different texts that it is not always simple to get the appreciation of the audience. This is completely right, and in the process of writing, there are certain difficulties which explain such a state of affairs.
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