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Gender & Sexual Studies Essay

The Power Of Women In Umuofia
 The position and image of women in “Things Fall Apart” is an important topic. We could even say that women actually had great power and were revered. One might think that this novel presents women as a sadly oppressed group with no power, but there are several facts, which imply the contrary idea. 
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The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedman
  She referred to the program as the brainwashers that began in education. She called the system as “A high-powered propaganda machine put into motion to exalt housewifery and stifle women’s desires for something more than a husband, home, and children.” 
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The Yellow Wallpaper: Gendered Disease or a Female Disposition
The narrator keeps on saying “personally” (Gilman 1), but she cannot voice these opinions and ideas at loud. It means that her “person” or “voice” is being submerged underneath the tendency to follow the patriarchal structure. For instance, she says: “Personally, I disagree with their ideas.
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The Impact of Gender on Migration
Migration is the movement of living creatures from one locality to another. There are specific factors that influence migration of people. Some of the reasons include; migration in search for safety, migration for exploration reasons, a shit or transfer to a new place of work and at times migration is influenced by gender.
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The term women and men are obviously made, not born
Social constructionists have also argued that cultural and social processes create various gender discourses that can differ across space and time. The gender discourses generally allocate different responsibilities and behaviours. However, the essay will highlight how the men and women are made, not born. The study will introduce different cultural views on both women and men.Firstly, the study will begin with several research works on different cultures and the ways of life of those cultures.
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The Gender Roles In The Nursing Industry
Male nurses frequently played volunteer roles to care for the wounded during wars. The entry of Florence Nightingale ushered in an era of professional nursing in the modern era who were specifically trained for the job. Even though she was able to transform nursing to the noble and respected professional line that it is today.
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The Relationship between Sexes in Two Different Stories in Dubliners
However, as the story progresses, it becomes evident that Mrs. Kearney is a brave woman who has the capacity and boldness required to fight for her rights and that of her daughter. When her daughter signs a contract to perform in the concerts, the event organizers did not intend to pay her.
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