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Are E-cigarettes Healthier Than Normal Cigarettes Essay Example

Are E-cigarettes Healthier Than Normal Cigarettes

There are several positive aspects of using E-cigarette. One of the positive aspects of E-cigarette is that it delivers a lower level of toxins than that of the conventional cigarette. Toxins may be lower but it still contains some which provide the taste of using a normal cigarette. The smoking of normal tobacco contains a huge number of chemicals. Some of the chemicals are still unknown. But still, all of the contained chemicals are harmful and dangerous. The e-cigarette contains less harmful chemicals such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and other flavored chemicals. The ratio of chemicals provided in E-cigarette is much less than that of chemicals in a normal cigarette. The risk of passive smoking can be reduced by the usage of E-cigarette. The inhalation o tobacco smoke permeates can often lead to major health risk for passive smokers. Normal cigarette causes real concern for children (Davis 21). The inhalation of smoke from the environment can lead to the risk of several health problems such as asthma, allergies and lung infection. There are several evidences which also provide details that passive smoking can sometimes cause cancer. E-cigarette reduces the emission harmful smoke in the environment which is dangerous for passive smokers (Jensen 32). The danger of passive smokers can be effectively reduced by the use of E-cigarette.The emission of harmful chemicals in the environment can be reduced by the use of E-cigarette. The use of E-cigarette creates less pollution in the environment than that of normal cigarettes. A liquid nicotine solution is heated so that it creates an inhalable nicotine vapor. This is the working process of E-cigarette. No smoke is produced during the use of E-cigarette. It produces a water vapor which exhibits the sensation and taste of smoking. The taste of smoking basically comes from nicotine. Nicotine is very harmful to human body. It can lead to many damaging diseases. The use of E-cigarette does not produce any smoke which could have been harmful to passive smokers.

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