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Ebooks vs. Paper Books: What is Better Essay Example

Ebooks vs. Paper Books: What is Better

Ebooks are also better than traditional books because they are less expensive. Ebooks cost less for the buyer because the costs of production are much lower. Ebooks don’t require any paper at all, which means the costs of cutting down trees, processing them into paper and then buying and cutting the paper aren’t necessary. The print on the Ebook screen is a quality of the light, meaning there is also no cost for ink or for printing. The expensive process of editing and proofreading then reprinting is also eliminated because electronic text can be fixed with a few clicks. Ebooks also eliminate the cost of shipping because they can be electronically downloaded through the internet at the speed of the user’s connection. When they are purchased with a credit card, there is no need for paper anywhere in the process. This not only reduces the cost to the buyer, but also the cost to the environment. “The Cleantech study concluded that purchasing three e-books per month for four years produces roughly 168 kilograms of CO2 throughout the Kindle’s lifecycle, compared to the estimated 1,074 kilograms of CO2 produced by the same number of printed books” (Hutsko, 2009). Although resources are obviously used to create the Ebook readers, but if everyone were using Ebooks instead of reading traditional books, this would obviously have a strong effect on the environment.Finally, Ebooks are better than traditional books because they are much more portable. Although it is easy enough to cram a book into a deep pocket, purse or bag, traditional books get heavy very quickly. Two or three books and the individual is already weighed down more than they probably want to be. Ebooks, on the other hand, can hold at least this many books without adding a significant amount of weight to the bag. “If you have a storage card, you can walk around with at least a dozen books, and probably many more than that. Even if you don’t have a storage card, you can still walk around with a fair collection of three to six books (again, depending on book size and available memory)” (Kleinman, 2010). Traditional books can only be read when the individual is in a well-lit area, either by bringing along their own form of portable light – a flashlight for instance – or reading in a lit room or sunlight. Ebooks can be read anywhere without requiring the reader to bring along extra materials or wait for

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