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Business Communication Essay Example

Business Communication

In Saudi Arabia, an American businessman sat down and crossed his legs so that the leather soles of his fine dress shoes were showing. He then refused an offer of a cup of coffee from his Saudi partner.Individuals involved in this case can be made to understand that difference in culture was the root cause of their misunderstandings. The American business person is obsessed with the western culture which is viewed by some eastern countries as arrogant and boastful. This is the reason why he was crossing his legs so that the leather soles of his fine dress shoes could be seen. At the same time, refusing a cup of coffee from his Saudi friend was normal in the western culture, unlike Arabic culture. How do people greet each other in Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, and Spain? Shaking hands when people meet is a common form of greeting amongst people living in Australia. Women at times greet each other by making a kiss on the cheek while the tourists usually use the term "G'day" to mean "hello"(Cyborlink.com, 2014). In India, shaking hands is the most common way through which people greet, though men are not supposed to touch women. People in Japan greet each other by bowing, though nowadays some Japanese greet by shaking hands. Koreans greet by bowing followed by a handshake(Cyborlink.com, 2014). In Spain, men who are close friends exchange a hug while female close friends exchange a small hug when they meet and when they are parting ways. Dutch people shake hands and one is supposed to say his or her last name. In what countries is it important to keep a certain distance from the person you are greeting? In countries such as ‎Bahrain, ‎ Poland, Belgium, and ‎Brazil people are expected to keep a reasonable distance when greeting each other either through a handshake or any other means of greeting. In what countries is a kiss appropriate?Kisses are common in the western countries and countries dominated by whites. Kisses are acceptable in countries like Haiti, Kenya, USA, UK, and France among other countries. In India, a kissing is acceptable for close family members(Cyborlink.com, 2014). In Egypt, it is acceptable for women to kiss.

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