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Behavioral, Cognitive, and Group Therapy Activity Essay Example

Behavioral, Cognitive, and Group Therapy Activity

Psychological disorders are frequent among individuals because of many reasons. Psychological disorders are frequent among individuals because of many reasons. Dialogue Client: “I really have a problem with my sleep.”Therapist: “What specific problem about sleep?”Client: “I have a problem both with initiating sleep and when I finally do, it does not take long before I wake up”Therapist: “That must be insomnia”Client: “What about it?”Therapist: “It’s a disorder involving subjective complaints about sleep.” Client: “My situation is, however, different in the sense that I fall asleep by frequently wakes up.”Therapist: “Insomnia types are different, and they involve difficulty in falling asleep, maintaining, terminal early awakening or even frequently waking up and failing to fall asleep again.”Client: “Does it have a cure?”Therapist: “That is dependent on the cause, as there are several causes of the same.”Client: What are the causes and which is the one involved in my case?”Therapist: “The causes vary from clinical impairment, distress in social, occupational, and other important areas of functioning.”Client: “I see, my case is, therefore, as a distress in my occupation?”Therapist: “Are you having occupational issues?”Client: “I think I overwork myself with little time to rest.”Therapist: “In that case, there is a treatment for you, it is relaxation training.”Client: “Does it involve any use of medicine? I really hate taking medicine.”Therapist: “No, not really, what you require is relaxation training as your problem is about your brain overworking.”Client: “So that means I don’t have to take any medication?”Therapist: “It involves medication; however, there are other means we can use such as imagery, muscle relaxation, and others.”Reflection Questions1. What were the main challenges for your client? Explain.The main challenges of my client were that the client lacks any information pertaining to psychological disorders, as with all the problems he is experiencing involve common knowledge. Additionally, the client fears medicines, despite medication being the fastest and most appropriate means of treatment. 2. What were the main challenges for your therapist? ExplainMy therapist has one main challenge, which is to offer treatment according to how the client wants it done, other than offer treatment depending on the most appropriate method. 3. Why is this therapy or combination of therapies the best for the disorder? Explain.Insomnia is a disorder attributed mainly to brain fatigue and therefore, the most appropriate therapy would be one involving sufficient relaxation. Relaxation training would, therefore, be the most appropriate therapy. 4. How do you feel this type of therapy could be improved or be more effective? Explain.The best way to make the above therapy more effective is through an established focus on maladaptive behaviors and dysfunctional thoughts, which also contribute significantly towards the brain fatigue.

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